Should I get a family group charge to legitimately stay at my boyfrienda€™s home?


Should I get a family group charge to legitimately stay at my boyfrienda€™s home?

Was evidence of our very own connection (photo, letters) needed?

Matter: In visiting Cuba for 6 days to consult with my personal long-lasting Cuban date as well as examine Spanish at Havana institution. Are we able to invest a few nights with each other at a Varadero hotel employing this visa? Could it be recommended that i-come on a tourist visa and then convert they at immigration as I show up?

Does the partnership be eligible for an A2 parents charge?

Response: numerous visitors to Cuba who’ve long-lasting Cuban couples (or buddies) get to Cuba with a visitor visa, then have it altered to an A2 a€?family staya€? charge once in the nation. This involves visiting the immigration company along with your sweetheart as well as the proprietor of the house for which you desire to remain (if holder is NOT the man you’re seeing). Definitely bring your passport, visa and get back flight citation. Often your home manager must reveal the propiedad (ownership forms) of the home. You will additionally want CUC 40 in sellos de timbre (income tax stamps).

Take note: you have 24 hours from the time of introduction to alter a traveler visa to a a€?family staya€? charge. In the event that you arrive in the belated afternoon or nights, when immigration practices would have sealed, you’ll spend the first night at your sweetheart’s house on your own traveler visa, nevertheless as well as your sweetheart (and property owner should this be never the man you’re seeing) will be required by law to submit at immigration company first thing the following day to solicit the essential charge change.

It’s doing the discernment of immigration set up a€?family visaa€? are going to be given. Unless you have actually this charge, you simply can’t lawfully remain in the man you’re seeing’s residence but must create other accommodation preparations at either a hotel or legally rented casa certain.

Also, it is around the discernment of immigration bodies if they would want to read evidence of their commitment (pictures, characters, emails, etc.), which means you could be well-advised to own this documents available to you.

Also take note: a a€?family staya€? visa is good for merely 2 months FROM THE DAY OF ENTRYWAY INTO CUBA, and then you have to put the united states.

You point out, though, you in addition plan to learning Spanish on college of Havana. For this, you’ll need students visa, that can easily be given of the college by itself. To learn more, seek advice from the web site in the Universidad de La Habana at , simply click underFacultades and visit Lenguas Extranjeras. You might also shot here URL which gives a description on the Intensive Spanish system, in English, and additionally Immigration requisite for offshore students willing to examine inside the foreign-language division. You can also contact the Postgraduate Office either by email [email covered] or by cellphone (537) 832-4245, which will additionally be in a position to create all about obtaining students visa, etc.

Definitely very carefully browse the legislation about whether or not you’ll be able to change from students charge to a a€?family staya€? charge or vice versa, since there include limitations. Previously, those on college student visas were unable to improve them, within the country, to another type visa, and when their research are finished, they certainly were expected to put the united states within a particular period of time.

As for both you and your date staying with each other for a couple nights in a Varadero vacation resort, at the time of , the bar is raised on Cuban citizens remaining in places formerly arranged for foreign people. During that time, the Ministry of tourist wise motels across the country in the change.

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